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Antoine is among the 24 international artists featured in BEYOND ILLUSTRATION: The Finest in Contemporary International Art & Illustration, edited by Patrick Hartl and Yvonne Winkler of castlemagazine and published by Publikat.

BEYOND ILLUSTRATION presents 24 of the most respected world-wide artists in great detail, on 200 coloured pages featuring background information, interviews and artwork.

The featured illustrators are:

Andrew Hem (US), Dice Tsutsumi (JAP), Ima One (JAP), Kenichi Hoshine (US), Antoine Revoy (FR), Cityabyss (PO), Vierfarbraum (GER), Daniel Schüßler (GER), Nicholas di Genova (CAN), Eric Joyner (US), Stylefighting (GER), Flin (GER), Jeff Färber (US), Starjump (GER), Ecb (GER), Tomer Hanuka (ISRAEL), Clifford Urban (BEL), Joshua Hagler (US), Content Provider (GER), Vandata (GER), Lucas Aguirre (ARG), Fons Schiedon (NED), Konstanze Schöffl (GER), Os Gemeos (BRA).

Each illustrator expresses his or her views on the blurring boundary between illustration and art.

This publication features an interview of Antoine Revoy, in english and german, as well as 9 pages of his illustrations, drawings and sketches spanning a decade of work.

If in the USA, you can purchase this book on Amazon, while anyone in Europe can also purchase it on Stylefile.

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